…is my little piece of serenity nestled in the farmlands of Franklin County, Kansas. The name originates from several facets of my life. As an environmental geologist, Kansas is the “lost land” or “terra firma” resurfacing from under the ocean. “Lost” also represents leaving suburbia where we are too easily separated from our rural heritage and also the most basic understanding how to be responsible stewards of the earth by continuing the “lost arts” and choosing not to live the disposable lifestyle.

About Terra Lost Acres

Welcome to Terra Lost Acres; a little piece of serenity nestled in the farmlands of Franklin County, Kansas.

The purpose of Terra Lost Acres is the continuation of our past heritage in the form of working knowledge of the crafts that provide life’s basic necessities.  I am a seamstress, quilter, spinner, knitter, crocheter and weaver and share my passion for fiber through demonstrations, supplies, fiber preparation and instruction.

I have been attracted by anything fiber or thread related from my earliest memories. Sewing, embroidery and crochet were only the beginning as a youngster. Spinning, knitting, weaving, quilting and fiber processing were added along the journey. I prefer working with natural fibers and where possible, natural colors as well.

Learn Our Traditions

In today’s fast paced, disposable world, we not only have not only forgotten the age-old practice of mending clothing, linens and such, we also have nearly forfeited the right to obtain quality textile items in general. As we helplessly watch the costs of products increase in the “supercenters” we are being blinded to the fact that quality and hence durability is decreasing at the same, if not faster, rate.

We often hear or say ourselves “I will have to replace it soon anyway, why pay more?” More costly items are frequently no better in quality but simply have a designer name attached. We can no longer afford to live day to day without considering the future.

As many of our grandmothers knew, “waste not, want not” was a way of life, not simply a catchy phrase. The more we can use and reuse every little piece, the less we have to spend to provide for ourselves and our families. Sharing my experience as a seamstress, quilter, spinner, knitter, crocheter and weaver I endeavor to equip others with the abilities that give them more control over the quality of their material needs.

Our Services

Quilting - Free Motion Machine & Binding Services

Good quality quilts are hard to come by these days. Part of what makes a good quilt a great quilt is the detail in the finishing work. But it takes time and patience. If you have a quilt top that you’ve put together, but haven’t found the time to put the layers together, we can help. Terra Lost Acres offers a variety of quilt finishing services. You build the blocks and put the pieces together and we’ll do the rest.

Our free motion machine quilting is priced by the square inch and the density of the quilting design – light, medium, or dense. The quilting pattern may be personalized to the design of the blocks and fabric of the quilt top.  Note: backing fabric and batting must be a minimum of 4″ greater than length and width of completed top.

  • Light – $0.015 sq in
  • Medium – $0.020 sq in
  • Dense – $0.025 sq in
  • Block outline (for photos, etc) – $0.25 each

Personalized custom quilting charges are calculated per individual request.

We offer three standard types of binding depending on your finishing needs.

  • Machine – Front only: We do the front, and let you finish up the back yourself. This method saves you the hassle of lining up the binding around the entire quilt, but still lets you finish the quilt the way you want to.  Price includes trimming of edges.
  • Machine – Front & Back: Don’t have time, or don’t want the hassle of the binding at all. Let us do it for you. We’ll put a nice finish to your work of art by placing the binding on by machine stitch on the front and back side of your quilt.
  • Machine Front, Hand-stitched Back: For a more refined finish, we can hand-stitch the binding on the back side after placing the binding on the front  by machine.

Binding is priced on a per linear inch basis:

  • Make binding from customer provided fabric:  $0.015 in
  • Machine front:  $0.02 in
  • Machine front & back:  straight stitch  $0.04 in, decorative stitch priced upon request
  • Machine front, hand-stitched back:  $0.10 in

For a personalized bid, please contact Lisa at 785-835-6617 or email us at heritage@terralostacres.com.

Additional Charges:

  • Thread charge:  Mini thru lap size  $5.00; full/queen size  $8.00; king size $12.00.
  • Piecing backing or batting:  $2.00 per seam.
  • Pressing fee – $10.00 minimum if required.
  • Out of area return shipping via USPS Priority Mail.

Would you like a custom designed quilt made for a special someone or occasion? Terra Lost Acres also accepts custom designed quilt orders.

Expected turnaround time is two full weeks from date project is received by Terra Lost Acres.  You will be notified of receipt of project and expected completion date will be verified at that time.

“When life goes to pieces, let Jesus make a quilt.”

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